It’s time for all the planning and designing to come to life. We pride ourselves on the quality of work we can provide our clients that lasts long after we have left the job. We do not want to take away precious hours occupying your home which is why we feel the installation is the easiest step due to the extensive amount of time preparing for the job. Everything is planned so precisely that once on location, implementation is effortless.

  • Pull, organize, and tie cabling
  • Configure new or existing components and verify they are all working properly.
  • Assemble rack for the audio and video equipment (ie processor, amplifier, satellite box, etc)
  • Secure mount and television
  • Set up in-wall/in-ceiling/box speakers and surround sound with multi-room/ whole home audio
  • Install security cameras and establish video feed for mobile, online, and/or recorded availability
  • Programming for controller (wall-mounts, tabletops, & wirelessly) of desired devices and options
    • TV, Blu-ray, movies, music, lights, thermostat, and security automation
  • Client education
  • Clean up area

Pull out arm mount for 64″ Samsung LED TV

Audio & video components mounted on racks are hidden behind the TV

The finished product!