User Interfaces


Multi-button designer keypads for a sleek and simple controller.

Touch Panels

Graphic touch screens allowing full control from the television, the music, the temperature, to the lights, and the security cameras.

  • Wall Mount

    Tap the screen to wake up the room with small touch screens for bathrooms and hallways. Larger panels area ideal for a great rooms, theaters, and conference rooms that may also serve as video displays and web browsing.

  • Tabletop

    A fitting look for a center console on a coffee table, nightstand or kitchen counter. At just the right size and design from 3.6″ to a 17″ widescreen, there’s no need walk over to the keypad or switch on a wall. The tabletop touch panels bring everything you need right to fingers.

  • Wireless

    Easily accessible and portable, we continue to offer our clients with the latest innovated tablets equipped with High-Def video display, Mac applications, along with high speed wireless communications.